July 20, 2018

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Purchases & Sales of Clocks


Contact me if you have a mechanical clock for sale, especially if it is not working or need restoration. I rarely by clocks that are in good to excellent condition since it is nearly impossible to make a profit on these. Typically, non-functioning mantle or shelf clocks are obtained for less than $50.00.



We are always working on broken clocks and putting these into inventory. Call or e-mail and we can discuss what may be available. We currently have approximately 30 clocks for sale at the following antique stores in Prescott:

-The Marketplace - 117 N. Cortez Street (Mostly mantle or shelf clocks)

- Cortez Street Emporium - 115 N. Cortez Street (Wall Clocks)


Click here for a pdf copy of my Sales Flyer & Warrantee Brochure

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