July 20, 2018

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Cabinet Refinishing

Sometimes it is more about how a clock looks than if it keeps accurate time!

Careful consideration should be given, however, before you restore a clock's cabinet. If the cabinet is very old and unique, restoration may actually decrease the resale value, if it is already in reasonably good shape considering the age or it is a very rare collector piece. There is a balance between restoration and originality. Similar principles apply to antique guns and furniture.


- Stripping off old finishes

- Filling damaged areas

- Staining /Painting

- Polishing

- Repairing or replacing veneers

- Fitting replacement wood or inlays

- Cutting antique keys to fit original locks




Glass beed blasting and painting column holders


Inserting veneer strips to fill wood shrinkage


Veneer repair with shellac sticks