July 20, 2018

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Repairs to your clock

If we agree to work on your clock and do not fix it, you pay nothing for the repair other than a small service charge, typically under $70 even if we have spent hours working on your clock. If we need to order special parts such as new glass or have restored the cabinet, the you are obligated to pay for these services.

There is a shared responsibility: we agree to work on your clock and you have choice of either using me or going to a repair person specializing in your type of clock. Typically, the wait will be much longer and the cost considerably longer. We will not work on priceless family heirlooms and on extremely expensive clocks retailing thousands of dollar unless there is a signed release for potential damage such as beveled glass that suddenly gave way because it was already subject to a stress fracture. Click here for a pdf copy of my repair order and release.

In the case of refinishing a cabinet, we will do a workmanlike job and if you are unsatisfied, we can re-negotiate, but recognize that cabinet refinishing is an art and "art is in the eyes of the beholder." What we would consider an excellent job, you may consider inadequate and vice versa. It is important to view my past work and mutually set expectations.

We sometimes will offer to buy a clock outright and agree on a price if you should want to buy it back. That way, if you are not satisfied, you do not have to pay for the repairs.

Clocks are finicky. If they get moved or bumped, they can stop working. We test a clock for several days before it leaves the shop. We can help you set it up, but if it does not work months later, they may be other issues and there is no "lifetime guarantee." Again, we want you to be satisfied as it leaves the shop and months thereafter.

Clocks are warranted to keep "reasonable time," namely that they gain or lose ~ 15 minutes each week at the time that they are re-wound. That is the nature of mechnaical clocks. If you want an accurate and reliable timepiece; buy a $20 modern battery or electric clock.

Clocks that you purchase

Clocks costing over $100 and sold directly by us are warranted for the first six months. If it stops working we will fix it or refund your money. We do not warrantee for breakage outside our control such as broken glass, original antique mainsprings or damaged cases due to dropping, etc. You must have the original receipt and any obvious damage should be noted on it at the time of purchase. If you bought one of my clocks from a local antiques store and there is a problem, contact us and we will help.

As with repairs, all clocks are warranted to keep "reasonable time," namely that they gain or lose ~ 15 minutes each week at the time that they are re-wound. It is all about being reasonable.

For clocks under $100, they are only warranted to operate at the time of sale only. They are general reasonable working condition for their age (i.e., no broken springs or missing parts). For more on repairs and warranty coverage click HERE.



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